Sunday, November 25, 2012

Future versions of SQL Server?

It is publicly known fact that RDBMSs have well known limitations when it comes to unstructured data management. This is the reason to emerged new database technologies like NoSQL. It is true that NoSQL is not a replacement for RDBMS. However the time has come to include NoSQL features into RDBMS products (then it can’t be called it as RDBMS) or introduce brand new NoSQL product from RDBMS vendors. We need to wait and see how Microsoft react to these new technology trends and how SQL Server change accordingly. Oracle has already announced their NoSQL version called Oracle NoSQL Database. Will Microsoft come up with new NoSQL product?

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  1. Susanthab, Funny that you should mention this in November. At the recent PASS conference, Microsoft continued to announce it's partnership with Hortonworks ( to help bring NoSQL data into the data warehousing arena. In my humble opinion, I believe that Microsoft should stick to SQL Server for the short term and let the others fight it out on what No-SQL actually means. Once the platforms become more mature, then begin looking at how to bolt the technology into existing products.

    Love the posts. Keep up the good work.


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