Sunday, April 9, 2017

Incredibly large memory support in Windows Server 2016

The latest release of Microsoft Windows Serve version is Windows Server 2016. The most salient feature of the Windows Server 2016 is the maximum server memory support. The maximum memory supported by Windows Server 2016 is 24 TB. Yes, it's terabytes. This is amazing. If you're running SQL Server 2014 or 2016, you can keep terabytes size databases completely in memory by using In-Memory OLTP technology. Windows Server 2016 is only available with x64 address space. The memory support limit is a huge gap from Windows Server 2012 which supports the maximum physical memory of 4 TB. Tt is no doubt that future of relational databases is based on In-Memory OLTP technology rather than traditional storage based technology. So it's time to get the skills set ready and spend more time with In-Memory OLTP.

Source: msdn


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