Friday, March 19, 2010

Windows Powershell

Last few days I spent most of the time on my personal development to learn and understand about Windows Powershell; Microsoft new scripting language. I’ve not being used any scripting language extensively. But now I understand how much power will bring to a DBA by learning this kind of a scripting language. 

You may be thinking why do you need a scripting language while having most powerful user friendly GUIs in Windows. Ok. I also thought the same way before I learning Powershell.
There are couple of reasons why you should use Powershell. I’m sure there are many more;

  • Automate database administrative tasks
  • Easy to use than GUI. Especially when dealing with remote SQL Servers.
  • Improve language skills as a DBA
  • To complete a task quickly
  • Get machine level information. (e.g: Memory, Storage, BIOS, etc)

You can start Powershell in different ways;

1. Start -> Run -> Type CMD
    In command prompt type "powershell"

2. Start -> Run -> Type Powershell

3. Start -> Run -> Type Powershell_ISE 

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 comes with Powershell V2.0. You need to download and install Powershell for other versions of Windows.

The latest version of Powershell is 2.0 CTP.

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