Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reading a deadlock

Deadlock is a common phenomena in databases where users can work concurrently. Deadlock happens because of pessimistic concurrency control mechanism which is essentially use of locks. You can't prevent deadlocks but of course you need to minimize them occurring. There are several ways of capturing deadlocks in SQL Server. They are;

1. Using SQL Server Profiler
2. Using SQL Server Error Log

The objective of the blog post is to read and understand the deadlock graph which is captured in SQL Server Error log.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pearson Lanka DBA team at SS SLUG

Pearson Lanka DBA team presented six demo's at last meetup of SS SLUG ( The series of demo's named as WirlWind DBA session. It is really a mind blowing session which each session limited to ten minutes including three minutes Q&A. 

Why so special about these presentations? Yes; it is based on our day to day DBA activities, which we encountered and gathered the knowledge after doing many research. So thought of sharing the valuable information to the community who loves databases. 

There I presented on how to read a deadlock graph which I'm going to do a small write up and publish in future. 

I've the videos of all the presentations and hoping to upload them to youtube. 

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