Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SQL Server 2017 becomes the first commercial RDMS with built-in AI support

AI Into SQL Server 2017
Today (4/19/2017), Microsoft announced the release of SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.0 (formerly known as SQL Server vNext). It has pretty exciting features including deep learning AI capabilities. Deep learning model demonstrated today at Microsoft Data Amp is used some medical data to figure out the probability of getting a lung cancer for a particular patient. Faster early detection of such potential disease helps to reduce the healthcare cost and also to have a healthier life. All these happens under one roof meaning, in one single data platform which is SQL Server. All the analytics capabilities of the deep learning system are now integrated into SQL Server which makes super easy for data scientists to work and analyze data. The application has to call just a single stored procedure to do the deep learning analytics of a patient, it's that much simple.
The data, the model, and the intelligence are all built into SQL Server which will eliminate so many challenges of building today’s AI application by using so many different types of tools.

Python Integration
SQL Server 2017 has a built-in support for Python code inside T-SQL queries which gives so much powerful programming capabilities. SQL Server 2016 supported R integration as well. You can use sp_execute_external_script system stored procedure with T-SQL to call R or Python language which external to T-SQL.

Adaptive Query Processing
Adaptive Query Processing is one of the extremely powerful database engine enhancements in SQL Server 2017. With this new feature SQL Server has the intelligent to learn itself about query processing and improve itself and generate better execution plan based on past query execution with no human intervention. This is an amazing feature that I was dreamed for years.

Graph data represents many-to-many relationships and typically relational databases need to store that kind of relationships as one-to-many relationships. SQL Server now supports graph data and processing of graph data. You can create graph objects which create nodes and edges in SQL Server 2017. This essentially extends the SQL Server query processing capabilities. This query capability is fully integrated into SQL engine in SQL Server 2017. Previously, you had to use a special type of databases called graph databases to store this kind of data.

One platform which supports both Windows and Linux
All the features of SQL Server 2017 now support both Windows and Linux platforms.

In a nutshell, SQL Server is not just another database server, it is an extremely powerful data platform eco-system because it combines AI and analytics into one product. Everything is built in. So much easier than using hundreds of different tools. I can’t wait to get some hands-on of these new features.



  1. Great summary and we finally have the adaptive query processing. Cant wait to test it out. Thanks susantha

  2. Great summary and we finally have the adaptive query processing. Cant wait to test it out. Thanks susantha

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